Selection is recognized to be one of the most reputed, respected, reliable entertainment agencies in Europe. Our mission is to exceed each client’s expectations short term and long term. Every contract and client is considered to be a valued, unique, special resource. This philosophy of quality combined with exemplary service has provided many long-term programs and successful on-going commitments. Extreme care is given to provide the exact personalized solution for each specific situation.

We believes that their human resources are their strongest assets. We strive to communicate, maintain and enhance the resources and capabilities of our staff. We are compliant with all environmental and workplace procedures, and consistently update and develop new technology resources to be competitive and in the forefront of the entertainment industry.


Selection’s mission is translated into a simple equation:

  • The excellence of the product offered and achieved is directly proportional to the quality, abilities and respect of its human resources.


Selection’s professional experience and decades of service in the cruising industry is one of the companies long-term strengths, they have been rewarded with devoted, loyal clients. Successful and experienced, they implement a company’s program and policies, overseeing all areas of management, such as research, recruiting, and scheduling, as well as boutique services such as set design, lighting design, special effects, programming and design, consultants and other niche genres.