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Our resident brand new show on Costa Toscana vessel exclusively produced for Costa Cruises! Come into the dream where everything is possible. Discover the power of human mind when it is left free and untamed by our thoughts. Live this emotion with us!

The project

Inside everybody's subconscious there is perfect space to be unusual, to experiment, to see beyond. Now we explore an unusual journey dreamed by an usual person. When the eyes are closing, the body is relaxing, and the subconscious mind is taking over consciousness - then a world opens up in front of us, infinite, like the Universe. The world of human dreams is a World where nothing is impossible, a World in which you can be anyone, a World that is limited only by your imagination and where only you can predetermine further adventures that may await at every step. Incredible performances, virtuosity of bodies, impressive acrobatics, unique characters to show that there are no limits to imagination, and there is a future beyond grey.

Our numbers in 2022



Mutual trust is the basis of a good working relationship with an artist. We are proud to have created a large family of artists over many years of good relationships!



On last year a significant increase in terms of business! The number of contracts signed on 2022 is the result of our work! A special thanks to all the artists and customers who continue to believe in us.



Proud to have reached this high numbers of performances during the last year 2022!


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