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Smeralda (The Trilogy)

Take your seat and get ready to enter our fantastic world!

The project

Smeralda Trilogy show is conceived as one story divided into 3 episodes of twenty minutes each that can be watched in random order. The mood is a unique combination among theatric, acrobats and circus fantasy, enriched by uncommon superb costumes. The cast is chosen to be extraordinary versatile performing dynamic and spectacular disciplines. Musical score is an exclusive  creation to recall suggestive emotions either with original compositions with vocals in gibberish language (a universal way of communication connected to the body language)  and uncommon re-arrangements of popular tunes. Smeralda Trilogy is  a romantic and exciting tale about Desire, Courage and Love: “Smeralda”, the most beautiful woman who lives under the sea. For hundreds of years a myth about Smeralda has been told to children all over the world. A story about an enchanting beauty that no one has ever seen or really believed. Concept and Artistic direction by Aurelia Cats & Viktor Kee - Art Vision production

Our numbers in 2022



Mutual trust is the basis of a good working relationship with an artist. We are proud to have created a large family of artists over many years of good relationships!



On last year a significant increase in terms of business! The number of contracts signed on 2022 is the result of our work! A special thanks to all the artists and customers who continue to believe in us.



Proud to have reached this high numbers of performances during the last year 2022!


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