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Venezia Innamorata

Get ready to enter the world of Venezia Innamorata. Our unforgettable theatrical show exclusively produced for Costa Cruises, engaging and romantic at the same time. It's worth it!

The project

Venezia Innamorata is a fantasy about love based on the legend of the famous Latin lover Giacomo Casanova. Through his eyes, the show will take you to the charm and beauty of  Venice during XVIII century at the time of its heyday. The story is simple and understandable, the keywords are seductive: masked dances, canals and gondolas, romantic visions. The direction is modern, the music is bursting in  classic mood arranged in a pop rock key. And finally the special effects so interactive that they will blow your mind!

Our numbers in 2022



Mutual trust is the basis of a good working relationship with an artist. We are proud to have created a large family of artists over many years of good relationships!



On last year a significant increase in terms of business! The number of contracts signed on 2022 is the result of our work! A special thanks to all the artists and customers who continue to believe in us.



Proud to have reached this high numbers of performances during the last year 2022!


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